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Not everyone could cook up the idea for a business overnight. But that’s pretty much what Milly did. On the back of Covid-19 and the subsequent fallout, Milly was looking for a new opportunity. A chance discussion with her partner and an innocent little ‘for lease’ sign was pretty much all it took…

“In a past life, my partner was a fudge and chocolate maker,” explains Milly  “One day he was reminiscing and saying how he would love to make fudge again but didn’t feel excited about the selling side of it. So I piped up and said ‘I could sell it’. And here we are.”



The couple sure know how to play to their strengths. Firstly, the fudge: stacks of generous squares are displayed beautifully beneath the glass counter, some with swirls, some shimmering, others with an unexpected yet ingenious biscuit base. Over 10 flavours are in circulation including crème brulee, ginger crunch, boysenberry and white chocolate, rum and raisin and chocolate afghan. School holidays bring out delights such as goody-goody gum drops fudge and licorice lolly fudge. And for the traditional fudge lovers there are of course the good old favourites like chocolate and Russian. All hand made in North Canterbury each flavour is as divine and dangerously moreish as the next.

And then there’s Milly’s knack at sales. She keeps up a friendly banter with each customer, never pushy, yet always encouraging. She hands out generous taste tests and gives instructions on how best to store and share your fudge purchases. She gently points out the shop’s other offerings including beautiful handmade chocolates from Christchurch chocolatiers De Spa, tins and jars of old-fashioned boiled sweets, And she carefully packages up each purchase, sending customers on their way with a smile and the anticipation of a delicious treat tucked into their bag.

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